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Smartlipo is a medical device designed exclusively to perform laser-assisted lipolysis (laser liposuction). A very thin tube containing the Smartlipo laser fiber is inserted in targeted fatty areas through a small incision. Thermal energy is delivered through the laser fiber directly to fat cells, disrupting the fatty tissue for easy removal. Gentle suction removes the melted fat and, at the same time, tissue around the area tightens through coagulation, contributing to a smoother shape overall.

Smartlipo Benefits

Smartlipo has been shown to involve less pain, less bruising and swelling, and provides a faster recovery time than traditional liposuction. Eight years of studies have shown that Smartlipo:

  • is proven to be a safer and more effective method of body contouring
  • brings improvement in recovery time and the final clinical result
  • provides excellent patient tolerance, quick recovery time and the benefit of dermal tightening through coagulation
  • is a useful tool for the treatment of local lipodystrophy (build-up of fat)
  • is effective for the formation of new collagen resulting in skin tightening through coagulation
  • reduces blood loss
  • minimizes both aesthetic side effects and complications
  • promotes improvements in skin contraction

Treatment Areas and General Information

According to American Health and Beauty, Smartlipo laser-assisted liposuction was the most popular requested cosmetic procedure in 2008 and 2009. Treatment areas include:

  • arms & legs
  • body
  • face
  • neck

Arms & Legs

Smartlipo trims triceps and downsizes “saddlebags” by removing excess fat permanently. Results are visible in a week! The benefits of Smartlipo for arms and legs include:

  • minimal scarring
  • no general anesthetic needed
  • short downtime
  • slims the area


Smartlipo gives health-conscious people a new choice after diet and exercise fail to bring the desired results. As the first laser lipolysis procedure to be cleared by the US Government, Smartlipo has led the way to less invasive and safer body-shaping treatments. What diet and exercise cannot change, Smartlipo can!


Smartlipo has proven most effective at tightening the tissues on cheeks, jowls and neck. The treatment is performed while you are awake using very small incisions, about the size of the tip of a pen. Benefits include:

  • 2 days versus 5-7 days of recovery time  
  • laser facial sculpting without the downtime or downsides of a facelift
  • more permanency than many injectables with less invasiveness of a facelift


Smartlipo is perfectly suited to treat delicate skin on the neck. The benefits of Smartlipo for the neck include:

  • general anesthetic typically not required
  • gently targeting trouble spots where fat collects and skin becomes lax
  • minimal downtime
  • minimally invasive alternative to a surgical neck lift

On average, procedures will take 1.5-2 hours, being dependent on the number of areas to be treated and the size of the areas. Because the area is anesthetized, there is minimal discomfort during the procedure and you may feel a light pressure. You will experience some aches, much like after a physical workout.

For most patients, results are achieved in just one Smartlipo treatment. Results are visible within a week, with continued improvement over 3-6 weeks. Although Smartlipo permanently destroys fat cells in the treated area, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to enjoy long-lasting results.

How Do I Know If Smartlipo Is Right for Me?

The best candidates for Smartlipo are women and men who are not significantly overweight but have accumulated fat deposits. Candidates should:

  • be committed to a healthy lifestyle
  • be in good health
  • have a positive attitude
  • have firm, elastic skin with localized areas of fat on their bodies
  • have realistic expectations


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