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Lower Back Pain - Dr. Ehlers



Lower back pain can affect different kinds of people. There are easy steps that one can take to prevent suffering from it, and they can do so inside the comfort of their own home. Making a habit out of doing the proper exercises is where the change starts. The goal of the chiropractor that is treating lower back pain is to be focused on the long term well-being of the patient, hence the need for commitment to consistent practice. By paying attention to the relation between the nervous system and the spine on the regular, the individual suffering from lower back pain can improve the condition. 



Headaches - Dr. Ehlers



People suffering from headaches is a more often occurrence than most Americans are aware of, with relief usually being sought in medication. Chiropractic can do more than just tune out the pain, it can prevent it from appearing altogether. Research looking into chiropractic methods demonstrates that in the majority of cases by tending to the muscles in the neck the usual triggers that lead to migraines can be phased out. By alleviating the tension in the upper back area, the chiropractor can greatly reduce the instances in which one gets a headache. 



Patient Testimonial - Headache Relief



Chiropractic can put an end to some types of headaches. Modern medicine teaches that there is no need to put medication in your body unless it is absolutely necessary. A skilled chiropractor can get rid of the most stubborn migraine. Based on the medical history of the patient, the chiropractor can put together a plan that will effectively manage the unique circumstances of the person in question. Struggling to get through the day while helplessly waiting for a headache to go away on it own is the kind of behavior that has to be left in the past.



Tech Neck - Dr. Ehlers



Technology is only as good as one makes it. Although it can certainly be advantageous to carry around a small device that allows you to access any kind of information you want at a time of your choice or to be engaged in a conversation with a loved one that is far away from you, constantly having the neck in an unnatural position can bring upon neck pain and discomfort. The solution would be to elevate the screen of your device so that it lines up with your eye-level, thus eliminating the pressure on the neck and saving you the unnecessary suffering.



Commonly Misdiagnosed Foot Pain



It is important to know exactly what type of pain is affecting you so that you can work toward obtaining the right kind of relief. A meeting with an experienced chiropractor can help you pinpoint the exact areas of your body that could benefit most from chiropractic adjustments. In the age in which information is at the tips of our fingers, we all tend to self-diagnose, but a professional could help you filter out the misinformation and provide you with solid knowledge that will contribute to the continuous improvement of your physical well-being.

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