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Hip Replacement

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A hip replacement could be one of the best decisions you make to improve your range of motion in your legs and your quality of life. At OasisMD with three locations in Encinitas, San Diego, and Temecula, California, experienced orthopedic surgeon Matthew J. Gargulinski, DO, and the medical team utilize the most advanced technology and techniques to make sure your hip replacement surgery is safe, effective, and a life-changing solution. Ask questions, take time to research, and address your concerns with the compassionate and knowledgeable orthopedic surgeons at OasisMD. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

Hip Replacement Q & A

Why do I need a hip replacement?

Preserving your natural bone tissue is always a top priority, but in some cases, protective cartilage and bones can become so damaged and worn down that replacing the joint is the best solution. You might choose a hip replacement surgery if you have:

  • Wear-and-tear arthritis (osteoarthritis)
  • Poor blood supply to the ball of your hip joint (osteonecrosis)
  • Severe trauma
  • Bone or cartilage erosion due to rheumatoid arthritis or another inflammatory arthritic condition

If you have chronic hip joint pain that doesn’t respond to your efforts and months of conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and nutritional counseling, in most cases, a hip replacement is the last resort.

What is the difference between a partial and a total hip replacement?

Whether you need a total or a partial hip replacement depends on the severity of your joint deterioration. 

Dr. Gargulinski can help you decide what’s best for you. During a partial hip replacement, he replaces the ball of your hip joint — the very top portion of your leg (femoral head). 

With a total hip replacement, Dr. Gargulinski recommends replacing both the femoral head and the socket in which it resides (acetabulum), located inside your pelvis bone. Dr. Gargulinski places prosthetic pieces comprised of metal and plastic for an effective joint replacement. 

Dr. Gargulinski offers a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) procedure that involves specifically replacing only the damaged surfaces of your joint to preserve your healthy bone. 

The recovery time for a total hip arthroscopy (THA) usually takes around six to eight weeks. You start physical therapy after your surgery to encourage your recovery and strengthen your muscles. 

Dr. Gargulinski discusses physical therapy, healthy lifestyle changes, and other important factors that can help you to have a smoother, safer, and more efficient recovery.

Am I a candidate for a hip replacement?

The OasisMD medical team sits down and talks with you about your symptoms. Imaging or lab reports are used to determine the severity of your hip damage. 

After your evaluation, Dr. Gargulinski can let you know if a partial or total hip replacement procedure is right for you.

In general, you might be a good candidate for a hip replacement if you:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Have arthritic joint damage
  • Suffer from severe joint stiffness
  • Experience hip pain that disrupts sleep
  • Can’t bend or walk because of your hip pain

Hip replacement surgeries are now more effective and safer than ever before.

If you’re considering a hip replacement to improve your physical functioning and quality of life, call OasisMD or use the online scheduling tool.