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Oncoplastic Breast Surgery


Oncoplastic surgery combines the latest plastic surgery techniques with breast surgical oncology and represents the integration of plastic surgery techniques into breast cancer surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to preserve aesthetical outcomes and quality of life of the patients, without compromising local control of disease. Breast reconstruction is best considered as a process:

  • first, the breast mound is formed either as an immediate or delayed procedure
  • any minor adjustments are then made at a later stage
  • when the shape and size of the reconstructed breast is stable, the nipple-areola can be reconstructed

Procedures used for breast reconstruction include:

  • the use of implants or expanders
  • the use of skin and tissue from the back (Latissimus Dorsi or LD flap), abdomen (tummy), buttock, thigh or flank
  • a combination of the above methods

Oncoplastic surgery generally does not involve drains and may be outpatient or possibly require one night in the hospital. Recovery time is 6 weeks, but most people usually feel better and are able to return to work in 3-4 weeks. Surgery is completed prior to radiation therapy, so patients avoid the risks of wound-healing problems that can occur with post-radiation surgery.

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