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The Secret to a Natural-Looking Face-lift

If you’ve considered ways to remove years from your face — or even tried a few different anti-aging therapies — you understand that sometimes noninvasive modalities just aren’t enough. 

With age comes the loss of collagen and tissue support, leading to significant facial volume loss, jowls, and a drooping neck or chin. In these cases, a surgical face-lift from an experienced surgeon may be what’s required to give you the naturally younger appearance you desire.

You may be worried about getting a face-lift, or rhytidectomy, however, if you recall images of celebrities post-face-lift with overly tightened, shiny, unnatural skin. At OasisMD, with offices in San Diego, Encinitas, and Temecula, California, we know that isn't the look you want!

Our expert plastic surgeon, James J. Chao, MD, FASC, and our entire medical team understand you want a face-lift that leaves your skin looking naturally younger and healthier. Not only is a natural-looking face-lift possible, but it’s also what you should expect from an experienced plastic surgery team. 

Read on to learn the secrets to a natural-looking face-lift

Who does your surgery matters

Everyone loves a good bargain. But choosing a surgeon based on price alone is a recipe for disaster. To get high-quality face-lift results, take the time to look for a high-quality surgeon. Interview top surgeons in your area, and be sure to ask friends and family for recommendations.

You want to feel comfortable and confident with your choice, so consult with a few different surgeons to get a feel for their personalities and unique approach. You’ll also want to review available before-and-after photos, especially for patients with facial structures similar to yours.

Be sure the surgeons you’re considering listen carefully and take time to answer your questions and concerns, without seeming rushed or annoyed. Your surgeon should explain the face-lift procedure in detail and give you an idea about the kind of results you can expect. 

Consider the benefits of a full face-lift

You may have heard about “skin only” face-lifts, which can be a less expensive and less invasive alternative to a full face-lift. Though they may be the right choice for some people, in general, skin-only lifts don’t last as long as a skillfully executed full face-lift because the underlying tissues keep moving downward.

For a natural-looking face-lift, Dr. Chao lifts the skin as well as the deeper superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layer. The result? Natural-looking results that mimic a younger face as your entire middle and lower face are lifted and tightened.

Make good use of add-on procedures

Even a good face-lift can look unnatural when it’s accompanied by saggy, crepey neck skin that doesn’t match the young-looking skin on your face. Although mini-lifts have their place, if you’re considering a face-lift, be sure to discuss a neck lift with Dr. Chao to ensure optimal results.

At OasisMD, our team offers additional cosmetic treatments that can help you get the most out of your face-lift. For example, a face-lift doesn’t eliminate fine lines or sun damage from your skin. Consider other services, like laser procedures, to help turn back the hands of time for natural-looking results.  

Be sure to carefully follow pre- and post-surgery instructions

For the most natural-looking face-lift, it’s important to give yourself the best recovery possible. Uneventful healing begins by following all pre-surgery instructions and carefully following any post-surgery directions. You should plan to miss a few weeks of work and your normal routine.

If you smoke, stop at least two weeks prior to your procedure, and continue not smoking for two weeks after your surgery. You’ll also want to follow the list of medications and herbs to avoid that Dr. Chao provides as this will reduce your risk of excess bleeding during and after surgery. 

Once you have your surgery scheduled, ask a friend or family member to drive you home and help with any household chores for a few days as you’ll need to take it easy and rest. While you’re still healing, avoid bending down to reduce the risk of unnecessary swelling and bruising.   

Keep your weight in check

Changes in your weight lead to stretched out skin. And that includes the skin on your face. For the most natural-looking face-lift results after your recovery period, maintaining a stable weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise is key.

If you have a history of difficulty maintaining a steady weight, be sure to share this with Dr. Chao. He may have recommendations that can help or provide alternative solutions

How can I learn more about natural-looking face-lifts?

To learn more about natural-looking face-lifts, it’s best to talk with a compassionate medical provider who takes time to answer your questions and concerns. At OasisMD, we understand that undergoing cosmetic surgery is a choice. Our team does our best to ensure you feel confident and comfortable with your decision. 

To discover if a natural-looking face-lift is the right choice for your aesthetic goals, contact the OasisMD office closest to you, or book an appointment online now!

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