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My Child Has Scoliosis: What are My Treatment Options?

My Child Has Scoliosis: What are My Treatment Options?

Discovering your child has scoliosis, a condition characterized by a sideways curvature of the spine, can be a source of concern and many questions. The degree of curvature can vary widely from quite mild, hardly noticeable cases to more severe forms that cause significant symptoms and disrupt daily life. 

At OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare with offices in San Diego, Temecula, and Encinitas, California, our team of providers is dedicated to giving comprehensive care and support to families navigating the complexities of scoliosis. 

Our practice understands that every case of scoliosis is as unique as each child who has the condition. That’s why board-certified orthopedic surgeons, Drs. David Chao and Matthew Gargulinski, and chiropractic specialist Travis C. Ehlers, DC, treat each case of scoliosis using a personalized approach.   

When it comes to treating scoliosis, you have options. Here’s what you need to know about the treatments available for managing this condition.   

1. Careful observation

In many instances, scoliosis in children is mild and does not progress significantly. For these cases, the most common approach is careful observation

This means regular check-ups with a healthcare provider to monitor the curvature of the spine as your child grows. Careful observation is particularly advised for cases in which scoliosis does not cause any physical discomfort or significantly impact your child's daily activities.

Our team at OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare is committed to guiding your family through these observation periods, ensuring that any changes in the condition are addressed as quickly as possible.

2. Bracing

For children and adolescents who are still growing and have a spinal curve between 25 and 45 degrees, bracing is usually recommended. Braces are designed to halt the progression of spinal curvature, not correct it. 

The type of brace and the duration it needs to be worn daily depends on the specific needs of your child. At OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare, we offer a variety of braces, each tailored to fit comfortably and work effectively while being inconspicuous under clothing. 

Wearing a brace may seem daunting at first, but with our support, many families find it to be a manageable and effective part of their scoliosis treatment plan.

3. Chiropractic therapy

In addition to observation and bracing, pediatric chiropractic therapy is another cornerstone of our treatment approach at OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare. This therapy focuses on spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercise, and electrical muscle stimulation to address discomfort associated with mild scoliosis. 

Although these treatments may not affect the progression of scoliosis, they can be highly effective in managing back pain and improving overall posture and spinal alignment. 

Dr. Ehlers, our chiropractic specialist, is skilled in creating personalized treatment plans that address the unique needs of each child, offering relief and support as part of a comprehensive scoliosis care strategy.

4. Surgical intervention

Surgery for scoliosis is considered when the curve exceeds 45 degrees and is progressive. Your OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare might also recommend surgery if there's a risk the condition might affect how your child’s vital organs function. 

Our surgical team is equipped with the latest techniques and technologies to perform minimally invasive surgeries whenever possible. 

The surgeon’s goal is to correct the curvature significantly while minimizing recovery time and discomfort, allowing your child to return to their daily activities as swiftly as possible.

Get help for pediatric scoliosis

Whether your child requires careful observation, bracing, chiropractic therapy, or surgery, our team is here to provide the expertise, care, and support your family needs. 

Our team of expert providers works closely with you and your child, seeking the best way to manage scoliosis while minimizing the condition’s impact on your child’s life.

Learn more about how we can help your child stay active, healthy, and happy despite their scoliosis by scheduling a consultation at the Southern California OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare location nearest you. 

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