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Can You Treat a Meniscus Tear Without Surgery?

Can You Treat a Meniscus Tear Without Surgery?

If you're experiencing knee pain that worsens when walking or bending, it might be a meniscus tear—a common yet troubling issue, especially for those with active lifestyles. 

Many people with a torn meniscus wonder if surgery is unavoidable or if there are other ways to heal. Understanding your treatment options is key for effective recovery and long-term joint health.

Board-certified surgeons David Chao, MD, and Matthew Gargulinski, DO at OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare in San Diego, Temecula, and Encinitas, California, specialize in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments for knee injuries, focusing on personalized care tailored to your unique circumstances. 

Take a moment to review this helpful guide and learn about meniscus injuries and tears and the therapies available to help.    

What exactly is a meniscus tear?

A meniscus tear involves injury to the rubbery cartilage discs that cushion and stabilize your knee joint. The meniscus also reduces friction between the bones, helping you move smoothly.

These tears can be caused by anything from a sudden twist during sports to gradual degeneration over time. Symptoms typically include pain, swelling, and a limited range of motion.

Other injuries to the meniscus can cause similar symptoms, so getting an accurate diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. 

At OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare, we use the latest imaging technology to examine your joint, making sure that our treatment plans are personalized to address your specific health issue.

Is it possible to treat meniscus injuries nonsurgically?

Not all meniscus injuries require surgery. For minor injuries and degenerative problems, nonsurgical therapies may be all you need. Some options include:

At OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare, our team designs a treatment plan that addresses the type and severity of your knee injury.  

When might surgery be necessary?

Although our providers begin with conservative therapies to manage meniscus injuries whenever possible, some situations require surgical intervention

This is especially true for severe tears or when pain and instability don’t resolve despite conservative treatments. 

What can I expect from meniscus tear surgery?

If your provider recommends surgery, the team at OasisMD Lifestyle Healthcare uses minimally invasive arthroscopy to repair or trim the damaged meniscus. This type of surgical procedure offers many benefits, including:

In addition, arthroscopic surgery offers more detailed visualization of the procedure for a higher degree of precision and accuracy. 

Don’t let a meniscus tear set you back. Contact a provider online or over the phone at the OasisMD Lifestyle location in Southern California nearest you.

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