Skin Laxity

Make the choice to look as young as you feel with OasisMD’s non-invasion skin tightening program. We offer the three highly effective technologies to smooth and tighten skin. Skin laxity is the most common issue among patients. Loose or lax skin is caused by collagen fibers being pulled apart. Over time, gravity, repeated muscle contraction and lifestyle choices cause skin, fat and muscle to move downwards. Laser treatments heat the skin and promote tissue tightening and contouring. When heated, collagen fibrils will contract which leads to the tissue tightening.

Our Lasers Can Treat

  • Crepe Skin
  • Sagging Skin
  • Weakened Collagen and Elastin
  • Loss of Firmness

Treatment Options

  • Accent XL, Refirme & Titan

Other Treatments That Compliment These Laser Procedures

  • Chemical Peels: Vitalize Peel, Rejuvenize Peel, Obagi: Blue Peel

Tighten Skin. Stimulate New Collagen!

We may not be able to stay forever young, but we can slow down the aging process. Now there is a way to achieve a non-surgical skin tightening with minimal pain, no down time, and a fraction of the cost of a plastic surgery. Actively turn back the clock on aging skin using light energy to stimulate new collagen growth deep beneath your skin’s surface. It is an ideal solution to enhance your youthful and healthy appearance without surgery, recovery time, or injections.

How Does It Work?

The near-infrared ST handpiece delivers uniform energy distribution and effectively targets lipids and connective tissue.

It exerts its biological effect on the skin through two major mechanisms:

  • heat-induced collagen shrinkage and micro-thermal injury
  • dermal regeneration, repair (healing) and remodeling

The ST handpiece produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis.

Facial Skin Tightening – Treatment Areas

Specially designed for the delicate skin on the face, neck and chest, Laser360™ skin treatments will even out your color and reduce tiny broken blood vessels.

It firms up loose skin around all of these areas:

  • forehead
  • cheeks
  • chest
  • around the mouth
  • under the eyes
  • upper lip
  • neck

What to Expect

This treatment has minimal to no downtime. You will have some redness and possible swelling. This will vary patient to patient. Usually 3 to 6 treatments are recommended to see results.

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