Common Golf Injuries

While golf is by no means a contact sport, there are still a number of injuries and subluxations that annually befall thousands of amateur duffers and scratch golfers alike. Professionals and serious golf enthusiasts often sustain injuries due to excessive use of particular joints and muscles, while less experienced golfers tend to suffer similar injuries because of poor technique.

Whichever way they occur, back and joint injuries can keep golfers off the course for weeks or months at a time.

The following are four of the most common golf injuries:

Golfer’s Elbow – This ailment causes significant discomfort in the elbow region of the arm and is caused by switching between a variety of grips and stances (common among amateurs) or gripping the club too tightly.

Lower Back Pain – Bending and other “loose movement” during the downswing can cause lower back pain, perhaps the most common golfing injury across all ages and levels of expertise.

Wrist Pain – Hitting the ball “fat” or taking an excessive number of swings (most commonly experienced during practice) can put a tremendous amount of strain on the wrist, leading to serious discomfort.

Shoulder Pain – Many golfers use their arms too much when they swing. This causes irritation of the AC joint of the lead (or front) shoulder and can put a golfer on the shelf for weeks as this sensitive area of the body takes the time it needs to heal.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help These Injuries?

Next to a good caddy, a chiropractic professional is a golfer’s best friend. Every year, more and more golfers turn to these wizards of the spine to help them restore their back, neck, legs, wrists and hands to full working order.

That’s right, a chiropractor can show you how to improve your swing so that it taxes your spine less and helps you develop the kind of effortless motion you see the pros exhibit every week on TV.

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