Cox / Flexion Distraction Technique

What Is Cox Flexion Distraction?

Also known as Cox Technic, the procedure involves the use of a specially designed chiropractic table, on which the patient typically lays face down. Cox Flexion Distraction is a very effective, safe, non-force, non-surgical and gentle procedure.  Among different chiropractic techniques, the Cox Flexion Distraction is superior in healing herniated discs and sciatica.

The procedure has a “suctioning” effect such that the herniated disc is moved slowly back in its normal place. This effect is not painful, but in fact comfortable and soothing as patients reported. Sciatica is often caused by a herniated or protruding disc in the low back, so the suctioning effect relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve, soothing the pain.

What Other Causes of Back Pain Can It Solve?

Apart from working to eliminate sciatica and disc herniation in a natural way, the Cox chiropractic treatment can also resolve other causes of back pain, such as:

  • failed back surgery syndrome
  • lateral recess stenosis
  • lower back facet syndrome
  • stenosis

In 8 to 10 weeks of treatment, the success rate for eliminating lower back pain has proved to be between 89-95%. Over the decades, Cox Technic has evolved thanks to the efforts of many researchers and fellow chiropractic physicians. For pain relief and treatments, set an appointment with us today at 760.635.7800.

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