Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) is a less invasive alternative to total hip replacement for younger or more active patients suffering from hip arthritis or other sources of hip pain. If these patients undergo hip replacement in their current state, they will likely outlive their hip replacement and need to undergo a second procedure, which is much more complex and risky. BHR helps postpone the need for total hip replacement by replacing only the damaged surfaces of the joint, preserving healthy bone.

During the BHR procedure, the femoral head is smoothed to receive the implant device, while the socket of the joint is properly shaped for placement of the resurfacing cup. The devices are then precisely placed in the joint and secured with bone cement. A drainage tube may be inserted for a few days after surgery.

Patients will need to undergo physical therapy after this procedure in order to restore strength and function to the joint. Since this is a relatively new procedure, long-term results are still unknown, but this device has been proven successful for at least five years for almost all patients.

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